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Kelly Rusk – Media Darling!

Kelly Rusk has been on TV a lot this past week. Here she is on CBC talking about what its like making a living in social media.

Then not to be outdone CTV covered her at the Zone5 Twitter panel. Luckily Kelly also got me in that video as well.

By Scott Lake

SM Book Club: Cluetrain Manifesto

Kelly Rusk just posted the following info about the next Social Media Book Club:

Spring is a busy time of year! That’s why I hope you can appreciate this month’s pick–the Cluetrain Manifesto. The book has been out for quite a while (11 years!!) So my hunch is many of us have already read it. If you have not, the good news is the entire text is available online for free, so no need to go out and buy the book if you don’t want to.

You have a little over a month to read the book, and we’ll get together on Tuesday, June 16 at the Fox and Feather Pub – 283 Elgin Street at 6pm.

Here is the Meetup Info

By Scott Lake

New design for StartupOttawa

So it should be obvious that we have re-designed the Startup Ottawa site.  The new site was largely due to the efforts of Mark Stephenson, Scott Annan and  Paul Ouderkirk.  Mark is responsible for the amazing Startup Ottawa header.  Scott did the job-board and new startup directory. Paul and his new company Shiny Metal Hosting is our amazing sys admin.  I mostly watched and observed as other more talented people made this whole thing happen.  In any case, the new site introduces some interesting new features. 

New Header and Latest Comment : The first being that you can now see the last comment just to the right of the header. Its a nice touch and will allow people to see whats being said. 

Sponsorship: If you look to the right column you’ll see that we have introduced sponsorship advertising to Startup Ottawa, then shamelessly put links to our own companies.  The current batch of ads are placeholders only, we’d like to open up those spots to bidding for any one who wants to showcase themselves on the site.  If you click on the sponsorship page you’ll see what I mean.  Before anyone freaks out, none of the money that we would be making from sponsorship will go into the pockets of anyone associated with Startup Ottawa.  Instead we’d like to use any funds that we generate will be put straight back into the Startup Ottawa community through better events in better venues with free drinks (if possible). 

Free Job Board:  The site also showcase a free job board for Ottawa startups to post their jobs.  Right now you can simply submit jobs for approval and if they fit the bill they will get shown.  This should help solve a very real problem that the Ottawa scene suffers from which is finding good talent.

Refined Startup Directory:  Scott A, has greatly improved the Startup Directory and is currently in the process of seeing how we can make this section work better.

This coming spring and summer, we’d like to try and ramp up our modest scene by hosting some new types of events and eventually hosting a discussion board so everyone can participate more actively.

Lastly, I also want to thanks our contributers: Luc Levesque, Aydin Mirzaee, Allan Isfan, James Smith and Shane McLean.  They write most of the content and are a huge reason our startup scene is so well docuemented.

Please enjoye the new design and feel free to let us know what you think about it and how it can be improved.

By Scott Lake