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Ottawa startup scene rejoices now that Scott Annan is blogging again

Scott Annan (in new fashionable Bono sunglasses) appeared back on the startup blogging scene yesterday.  The act caused a communal sigh of relief from startup scenesters everywhere.  Here are some quotes…

"Thank God he’s back" – Luc Levesque

"I can now exhale" – Craig Fitzpatrick

"My prayers have been answered" – Simon Chen

You read it here first.

By Scott Lake

Where the hell is Scott Annan?

He used to write for this blog but I haven’t seen him around here for years.  I know he is annoying and opinionated but I miss his badly spelled, grammatically incorrect and incoherent posts.  Scott Annan, if your’e out there get off your ass and write a g-damn blog post more than once a freaking year.

By Scott Lake