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Biotech Entrepreneurship: How to Succeed Faster

Paul Lem - Entrepreneur

Good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Paul Lem, is always doing things “faster” and “better.” If you don’t know Dr. Lem, he is CEO & Founder of Spartan Bioscience, a local startup that has produced the World’s First Personal DNA Analyzer. Impressive? yes. Well, Paul, will be speaking at the University of Ottawa on Nov. 18th about “how to succeed faster.” If you’re interested in attending this breakfast, check out the link from uOttawa here: Biotech Entrepreneurship: How to Succeed Faster.

If you can’t make the event, fear not, Paul also has a new book called “Master Life Faster” that he has been working on for the past 5 years. I’ve begun reading the book and it is definitely a valuable read. You can read samples from the book for free on the website.

By Aydin Mirzaee

Ottawa startup, Gazaro @ TechCrunch 50

In case you were wondering if Ottawa had any demoing companies at TechCrunch50 (demo-pit), the answer is yes. Gazaro is a local startup incubated by Apption.

Gazaro is all about finding the biggest sales on the internet. The team has a proprietary crawler that keeps track of a large number of online stores and flyers and will flag sales upon occurrence. If you are signed up for the service, you can either get an email or just subscribe to an RSS feed to get notified of sales that are relevant to you.

I’ve been trying out Gazaro for a while and it truly does make you aware of great deals that you’d never otherwise hear about. The whole process is completely unobtrusive since I have a Gazaro RSS feed that I check whenever I’m reading my blogs.

Gazaro is the brainchild of Sam Zaid & Dr. Paul Lem. Dom Plouffe (formerly of FuseTalk is the lead architect).

By Aydin Mirzaee