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OCRI Zone5 Marketing Forum – Social Media

Natasha D’Souza just pinged me to let me know about an upcoming event from OCRI that she’s participating in (a Zone5 event). Here is a brief description:

“If you are like many organizations, you have likely begun to add some elements of social media to your marketing tactics. But how do you leverage these new channels to truly engage customers in meaningful conversations, and to gather and respond to market feedback?

In this Zone5ive session, you will learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs to listen to and engage your audience, and to build your own online community using open source tools and hosted services.”

Find out more on the Zone5 Marketing Forum page.

By Aydin Mirzaee

LinkedIn for Busy Professionals – Seminar

LinkedIn for busy professionals is a workshop by Virtual EyeSee – http://www.virtualeyesee.com .

This session is for people that

* have signed up but don’t see the point of it
* have never signed up and are very busy to experiment
* are looking for a job
* are looking for employees
* are looking to grow their network
* establish themselves as experts in their area
* looking to connect with a specific person for a job or business

To register click here


This seminar is in 2 parts. The first goes through the basic features and the second goes through how to use this professional social network to hire employees, expand a business network, connect with more people etc….

What to Bring

1. Wireless laptop (optional)
2. soft copy of resume
3. photo
4. related links to website or other collateral

Space is limited.

The results are

* To get noticed and found
* Establish yourself as an expert
* Search/research the information you need
* Turn your network into the results you want
* find the employees you want
* find the employer you want
* connect with potential clients, employers etc.

By Aydin Mirzaee