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Awesome Free Event: New Company Success Framework!

The fall 2010 Entrepreneur’s Edge (e2) program leads with a new half day session (…it is free!):

Nov 3rd – 8:00am-1:30pm (first speaker starts at 8:30am)

“NewCo Success Framework – from Garage to Going Concern”

Topic 1 – Startup Environment – Intro (Rainer Paduch)
· The Entrepreneur challenge
· The Investor problem
· Why do companies fail?
· Managing risk elements
· What it takes to build a company
· Building a Company Strategy

Topic 2 – Market Strategy – where’s the money? (Peter Fillmore)
· Success secrets of RIM, Apple, Cognos
· Chasm-crossing stages & key changes
· Disruption – choosing a way to beat incumbents
· Roles of Product Line Management, Sales, and Marketing
· Resource issues in startups, and solutions

Topic 3 – Guest Entrepreneur success story (over sandwiches)
· Guest speaker Bob Huggins, with his Cold North Wind Inc. entrepreneurial success story

More Info and registration at www.ocri.ca/e2 – follow the link to “e2 Start” at right side of page.

By Aydin Mirzaee

Three e2 Sessions Coming up


Peter Fillmore just contacted us to tell us about three upcoming e2 (Entrepreneur’s Edge) sessions:

March 4th – “Bootstrap Market Entry” (8:00am – 3:00pm)
-          Session leaders Caroline Somers and Rick O’Connor

-          At OCRI on Queensview Drive

March 18th – “Leading Effective Executive Teams” (8:00am-4:00pm)
-          Session leader Doug Somers

-          At OCRI on Queensview Drive

May 6th – “Bootstrap Corporate Structure and IP Strategies” (8:00am-12:00noon)
-          Session leaders Andrew Foti and Sol Avisar

-          At Entrepreneurship Centre downtown (in City Hall at Elgin/Laurier)

More Info:

For all these “e2 Plus” programs, most of the workshop time is in hands-on problem-solving mode, and we encourage participants to bring their specific business issues and challenges, so immediately valuable progress can be made for each company. In addition peer-to-peer interactions and learning is a valuable by-product of these sessions.
Also, for these e2 Plus Programs, a special reduced price of $50 is available to graduates of the main e2 Program, and all Lead to Win (LTW) Program participants.

Second – the Main e2 Program runs over 5 half days in March – dates as below (details on Web at www.ocri.ca/e2 ). This blockbuster program is designed and delivered by tech innovation entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs – and has graduated over 120 people, generated millions of dollars of investment money and customer revenues for graduates, and helped add or sustain hundreds of tech innovation jobs in the Ottawa area. The e2 program is also run in Waterloo by the Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (CBET).
March 15-16th       Section 1 – “Success Framework”   ((7:30 am – 12:45pm)
-          Introduction (Early stage company context), Company Strategy, Team building and Management, Market Strategy

March 22-23rd       Section 2 – “Market Development”  (7:30am to 2:45pm on day 1, 12:45pm on day 2)
-          Market Value Assessment, Product Line Management (PLM), Sales Management, Go-to-Market Management

March 30th              Section 3 – “Financial and Funding”   (7:30am – 3:45 pm)
-          Financial view of Innovation product formation, Funding of innovative products and companies, Investor pitch

More e2 info, a free Ottawa Entrepreneurship white paper, and a free “direction-setting” coffee discussion available by contacting e2 program manager Peter Fillmore – pfillmore@ocri.ca .

By Aydin Mirzaee

Entrepreneur’s Edge (e2) News and Upcoming Events!

Entrepreneur's Edge

Peter Fillmore just sent us a message to let us know about some interesting news with respect to e2. Please find the info below:

The e2 Main Program – now in 3 Sections – with “e2 Coach” Sessions in between, to turn your new knowledge into business success deliverables, and the right actions to grow your business:

Sept 21-22 – “Success Framework” – $395: 2 half days – 4 Modules on Business, Team-building, and Market Strategies of the champions + dinner Sept 21 with faculty and guest entrepreneur + Sept 29th e2 Coach session (3 hours – refine/build your Business plan)

Oct 5-6 – “Market Development” – $495: 2 more half days – 5 Modules on Picking markets & products, R&D, Business Development
+ Oct 13th e2 Coach session (3 hours – refine/build your Market/Product Plan)

Oct 20 – “Finance & Funding”, and the YouPitch session – $395: 1 half day – plus post lunch pitch roundtable + Oct 26th e2 Coach session (3 hours – building your Funding plan)

Note – these 3 sections can be taken alone – - you can pick and chose, to meet your own needs. Also see session details at the e2 website at http://www.ocr.ca/e2 .

For more info or to sign up, contact Pam Saunders at OCRI psaunders@ocri.ca .

By Aydin Mirzaee

Social Media Marketing – Friday June 26th

“Social Media Marketing” is a workshop hosted by the OCRI e2 Program which runs on Friday June 26th . The session will be delivered by session leaders Natasha D’Souza, and Rick Radko, and our very own Scott Lake, of ThinkSM.

To register go to www.ocri.ca/e2plus . For more information contact Shelley Davidson, e2 Program Coordinator, at theedge@ocri.ca .

The workshop runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on June 26th , and includes a lunch service – It is no charge for e2 Alumni, and a special (subsidized) price of $195 for others interested in applying Social Media Marketing to create business growth.

By Aydin Mirzaee

E2 Lite Session Summary

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to attend the E2 Lite session but when I asked Peter Fillmore how it went, here was his response:

“The e2 Lite Session at TheCodeFactory went very well – one of the attendees said it was 200% as worthwhile as he expected it to be, and he was very happy to have spent the evening there.

We had a “sold out” situation on our bookings – so any readers who missed it, and want to know when the next session will be, should join the “e2 Candidates Club” to get quick info when e2 events date is announced. Sign up at www.ocri.ca/e2lite .”

OCRI is making a commendable effort to help entrepreneurs learn what they need to in order to get ahead. Hopefully e2 is here to stay for good :)

By Aydin Mirzaee

Building Your Executive Management Team

Entrepreneur's Edge

If you have challenges building a highly effective Management Team, you should attend, and get the ideas and solutions you need.

Topic March 12th is “Building Effective Executive Teams” – delivered with thoroughly prepared excellence by Doug Somers. Doug is the Co-President & CEO Cassidy Bay Group, Co-founder and Past CEO Bridgewater Systems, and a past VP and General Manager Newbridge Networks.

The session runs from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm – It is no charge for e2 Alumni, and a special (subsidized) price of $195 for other friends and candidates who are interested in having stronger, more effective teams in place.

Part of the session will be discussion of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (using the newer MBTI Form Q).  If you wish to do the MBTI assessment for yourself we have arranged a subsidized low cost of $25 to have access to the on-line MBTI questions. This is optional for all participants.

So, beat the crowd – book your spot now!

Another e2 Plus session runs April 14th , on “Market & Product Opportunity Assessment”. We are also taking registrations for this session….and happy to answer any questions.

If you are interested in attending, please contact: Peter Fillmore <pfillmore@avocasemi.com>

By Aydin Mirzaee