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TiEQuest 2009 Business Venture Competition

As some of you may know, TiEQuest 2009 is now accepting entries to its annual business plan competition. Last year, my team and I participated in the competition and found it very valuable to us. We made it to the top 5 but did not get to win any cash prizes :( . Hopefully, someone in Ottawa will have more luck and win a portion of the $150,000 in prizes that TiEQuest gives out every year.

If you’re interested in applying, please visit the TiEQuest website (deadline is Jan 30th to submit expression of interest in participating).

On another note, TiEQuest is using ReviewRoom (a product we’ve developed at Chide.it) to manage the competition. If you do participate, feel free to give us some feedback – aydin [-a-t-] chide.it :) .

By Aydin Mirzaee

fluidSurveys v2.0 – Beta Testers Needed

Chide.it has just put up fluidSurveys.com v2.0. This new version comes with a lot of new features (invites, security and publishing settings, polling, …) in addition to enhancements as suggested by the community.

Essentially, Chide.it is looking for more people to try out the product for Free in exchange for feedback and suggestions. If you sign up today to use fluidSurveys, your account will be upgraded to the Ultra plan ($600 value) for Free :)

By Aydin Mirzaee

DemoCamp Ottawa 10

Ladies and Gents, we’ve hit double digits! Congrats to Ottawa!

Ian Graham of The Code Factory posted on his blog yesterday that the 10th edition of DemoCamp is being held on Monday, the 29th of this month. Sign Up Here.

DemoCamp is one of the most exciting grass-roots tech events that happens in this city. There will be 6 short presentations from local groups that are presenting new and exciting technology that the’ve been working on.

Here are the presentations:

  1. Sixent – multi-profile social networking platform for sharing your life differently online
  2. FixIt Ottawa – upcoming local problem reporting tool
  3. Thinteknix – Communication / Computing solutions for SMB
  4. GiftMyList – A private gift exchange
  5. Chide.it – Will be showing two products: fluidSurveys.com and ReviewRoom
  6. Gazaro – Find the biggest sales!

Here is the location information:

  • Date: Monday, September 29, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm
  • Location: The Velvet Room 62 1/2 York Street
  • Format for 6 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion

If you’ve been at a DemoCamp before, you know how amazing they are. If you haven’t been to a DemoCamp before, you’re in for a treat! See you there :-)

Here is the sign up link again: DemoCampOttawa10.

By Aydin Mirzaee

Job Posting: Web Developer at Chide.it

chide.it logo

Chide.it is looking to hire a few web developers to join a great technical team. The company uses a new python-based platform called Django and lots of Javascript as part of its development. The ideal candidate has some web development experience but most importantly:

1) Loves to learn new things daily and has the ability to learn rapidly.

2) Wants to join a startup to gain the experience of a lifetime from both a technical and business perspective.

Chide.it is looking for both part-time and full-time members.

About Chide.it: Microsoft won the war in the 80s and 90s and became the dominant player in desktop software. There is a new war now to see who will be the dominant player in the internet software industry. Chide.it is architecting a framework in order to deploy internet applications rapidly to establish itself in this new emerging market.

For more info, please contact: info@chide.it


By Aydin Mirzaee