StartupOttawa is a gathering place for startup entrepreneurs in Ottawa, Canada. What’s a startup? It’s a young, small, web-related technology company led by people who are determined to change the world despite nearly insurmountable odds.


Scott Lake Scott Lake is committed to the startup lifestyle. He is the founder of ThinkSM and SWIX and a co-founder of Shopify. In his past lives, he’s worked as a bike messenger, a university lecturer and a professional driver at NATO in Belgium. He’s also an exhibited artist, has a PhD in Political Science and hasn’t been arrested in over 4 years.

Scott AnnanScott Annan is an extremely good looking man and brilliant entrepreneur who’s only real downfall is his association with Scott Lake. He is kind to small animals, donates most of his time to curing cancer and other debilitating diseases, and helping children in Africa. He has numerous humanitarian awards including “Master of the Universe”, which he won at a wrestling match in North Bay, ON.  He works at www.mercurygrove.com.


Luc Levesque – General Manager and Founder of TravelPod

Aydin Mirzaee – Founder of chide.it

Allan Isfan – Founder of Favequest and entrepreneur coach

James Smith & Shane McLean – Startup lawyers from Labarge Weinstein

By Scott Annan