DCentred : Showcase Event by prototypeD Urban Workshops

DCentred Showcase is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how prototypeD Urban Workshops can help businesses launch new products, build better brands, develop social and print media campaigns, and increase revenues by using design as a tool to build a better business.

The day is organized in two sessions, morning and afternoon.  The morning session will be of the most relevance to entrepreneurs.  Presentations will be made by Janak Alford, founder of prototypeD, who will will discuss how mixing technological development (rapid prototyping, data mining, visualization, and mapping) with traditional design (conceptual, artistic, product, industrial, and architectural) can result in new opportunities for businesses to develop quickly with lower overhead, smaller teams, in a modern cloud-based operating environment.  Omar Hashem founder of Picondo Homes and a client of prototypeD will then highlight how working with prototypeD accelerated his path to market, and ultimately resulted in a $1.2M development project in urban Ottawa.

The afternoon session of the DCentred Showcase is open to the public and will feature several demonstrations of the technology that is being pioneered at prototypeD and a few talks on how this technology is helping to change urban planning, artistic development, and how digital technology and social media are colliding with artistic movements. While less focused toward business, the afternoon sessions will be valuable to any entrepreneur or SME to gain a new understanding of opportunities in the competitive marketplace.

The workshop is FREE and includes lunch and coffee breaks.  Entrepreneurs are invited to come for any portion of the day, or to stay for the entire workshop however you have to register to attend.

You can download the entire day’s event schedule here: http://prototyped.org/dcentred.pdf


By Natasha D'Souza

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