Get (free) advice for your startup: Call Guido!

Last week we launched a new site at Mercury Grove to reflect the new direction of our startup – a startup collective in Ottawa, Canada where entrepreneurs can build awesome stuff alongside worldclass designers, developers, and investors.

One of the pillars of our new direction is to provide personalized, professional feedback for startups on their business – not as a paid service, but for free.  Why?  For two reasons:

  1. We’re trying to recruit the best startups in Ottawa to join us.
  2. Your success = Ottawa’s success

I meet a lot of startups every week – and I love it.  But between, our other apps, a growing family, travel, and the mentorship I’m doing across Canada, I just can’t meet everyone.

Meet Guido.  I’ve been impressed with Guido since we first met for his startup analysis skills and experience in this space.  A little background about him:

Guido is a young and passionate entrepreneur who just arrived in Canada from Italy. In his home country he worked with EnLabs, the first business incubator in Rome. He was responsible for structuring and launching this new incubator and was instrumental in its early success. While at EnLabs, Guido worked with some of the largest venture capital firms in Europe. He was also focused on selection and providing guidance and mentorship to startups in the program. He helped to develop and nurture the startup culture in Rome, organizing events and conferences with international speakers like Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation.

Guido has a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from LUISS University in Rome where he wrote his thesis about business incubators and early stage companies.

Guido has already met with over a dozen companies in Ottawa and all have had very positive feedback on his advice and feedback.

So I urge you to book some time with him – he’ll buy coffee, and I guarantee it will be worth your time.

(photo cred to Design Sponge)

By Scott Annan

4 Responses to “Get (free) advice for your startup: Call Guido!”

  1. Olivier  on March 13th, 2012

    Met Guido this morning. Exchanged on startup launch and overall strategy. Useful advice and always good to get an external opinion. Yep, don’t hesitate to book some time with him.

  2. Marc-André Plouffe  on March 16th, 2012

    I agree with Olivier.

    I met with Guido for a coffee this afternoon. We had a great talk and I got a different point of view on things (always valuable) and things to build on. Nothing complicated.

    He’s a nice guy and I am glad to have met with him.

  3. Deepak  on April 25th, 2012

    Met with Guido this past week. Was quite interesting. Definitely worth a coffee chat.

  4. Clenira  on June 2nd, 2012

    fantastic blog for read, i hope all reader will enjoy…keep up the share.

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