Foursquare Hackathon

John Criswick @ Magmic is hosting a Foursquare hackathon on Saturday the 17th.

Here’s a little more about the event from John:

"Reminder that this Saturday the 17th is Foursquare’s global hackathon.

Magmic has offered to host it at our offices at 126 York St 4th Floor. Attending doesn’t mean having to stay 24 hours – some people may want to just attend the first hour during which one of Magmic’s developers will go over what the Foursquare API is capable of and our experience using it.

Some of us will stick around after and do some coding. There will be coffee / food plus Foursquare has sent us a bunch of t-shirts and other swag."

Check it out!

By Luc Levesque

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  1. SeanJM  on September 14th, 2012

    Are there usually front end guys who attend these hackathons?

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