Girl Geek Dinner Invitation

For those of you who may not know, girl geek dinner is fast approaching (Sept. 16th) and will be featuring Tara Hunt, author of the Whuffie Factor. Now I know what everyone’s thinking, who do I join this event chalked full of awesomeness? Well, for all the techie girls it’s easy. Within the next few days, the girl geek dinner site for Ottawa will launch, and all you have to do is sign up.

Now, for any of the guys who want to go, well…… it’s not so easy. The name of the event is GIRL geek dinner, not people geek dinner. which means no sign up allowed. So for all the guys out there, it’s time to work out some roundabout access to the event. The only way you can make it into girl geek dinner as a guy is if one of the girls who has signed up for the event invites you to come with. So here’s some advice, bring your game face. Make sure you’re not looking like a mess when you run into any possible ‘inviters’ and be smooth. I like to call this the “Craig Fitzpatrick” method. For all the guys out there who think they’ve got a shot at working their magic and getting in, I’ll give you a hint on who you can start talking to to put your name in the hat as someone a girl could invite. If you can find Kelly Rusk’s contact info and send off an e-mail, then you’ve completed the first step. Good luck guys.

P.S: For any of the girls who are planning to attend the dinner, feel free to send a comment through the startup ottawa contact section with the phrase, “Sign me up for the draw to have Will as my invite for the dinner” in the what’s on your mind section. The draw will take place the first week of September, with the winner having yours truly as your guest at girl geek dinner and getting a featured blog post on startup ottawa.

Update: To my knowledge, a website for the event will be up tomorrow, and once I receive the URL, I will link it up to the article. For more information on the event, you can contact Kelly Rusk at

Update #2: There have been many comments about this post covering the spectrum of possibilities. First and foremost, just as Scott Lake has mentioned in the comments and what I assumed people would understand from the tone of the post, there will NO and I repeat NO featured blog post on Startup Ottawa. Secondly, the draw was a complete tongue and cheek remark, which some people have viewed as being factual. What I did want to get across is that girl geek dinner is coming to Ottawa, it looks like fun, and that guys would be lucky if they were invited. For those who have taken issue with this, I’m sorry.

By Scott Lake

11 Responses to “Girl Geek Dinner Invitation”

  1. Garth  on August 27th, 2009

    Does the Geek Girls Ottawa have a website? As executive of OWSUG ( I know many women that would love to know more about this event or at least contact details so that they can contact this group directly.

  2. Julien Lamarche  on August 27th, 2009

    Maybe it’s a mostly-girl thing so they can talk freely about girl stuff, and not have nosy guys like you intrude on the conversation?

  3. Scott Lake  on August 27th, 2009

    Hi all,

    Before anyone else gets offended by Will’s post. I think that its fair to say that the post was written to be little tongue in cheek and not to be taken literally or seriously. Mostly, he just wanted to promote the event and use a little bit of humour as part of that process. Just so we are clear there will be no featured blog post for anyone who invites Will to the GGD.


  4. Rick  on August 27th, 2009

    Yeah, intentionally or not, you’re giving off a real creepy pick-up-artist vibe here. Guys are in the vast majority at pretty much every other tech gathering; why not take a miss on this one?

  5. Jamie  on August 27th, 2009

    Leaving aside the gender issues, do you not see that “Your prize is that I get to go somewhere I’m not invited” is rather flawed as a premise for a contest? Probably, given that you’ve couched it along with the opportunity to be featured in a post on Startup Ottawa.

    Of course, that actually makes it look even worse, because there’s an implied (though perhaps not intentional) message that “If you don’t invite me you won’t get featured in a post.” That’s not cool.

    Now, moving on to the gender issues. This is a Girl Geek Dinner because they are going to be addressing issues that directly affect girl geeks, I’d imagine. So while guys might be allowed entrance if they’re vouched for by one of the Girl Geeks attending, the primary purpose of the event would be to allow the Girl Geeks to engage with one another.

    Chances are that if you don’t already known Geek Girls who would be willing to vouch for you, you’re not the kind of guy they’d want around at this particular event. And that’s borne out by the tone of this post — “be smooth”? This isn’t Keys to the VIP, and your pseudo-player attitude is probably the last thing the women involved would want at this dinner.

  6. Kelly Rusk  on August 27th, 2009

    Hi Garth,

    We do have a web site but we’re currently switching from a hosted WordPress to self-hosted, so it will change.

    The new one is which is live now but will be complete by next week. So feel free to send it around but if you could wait until Monday that’d be great!


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