Recollective – Qualitative Online Research done right


We all know Ramius (located right here in the ByWard market) to be a leader in the area of social networking for the enterprise. Ramius made a name for itself in the early days through its Community Zero product. As the world of the web moved rapidly forward with the introduction of feeds, tagging and other web 2.0is concepts, Community Zero evolved to become what is known today as Sixent. Sixent is all about collaboration and connecting people within the workplace and it does both quite well – we had a chance to see Sixent’s debut at an Ottawa DemoCamp not too long ago.

A few months ago, I had a chance to meet up with Simon Chen who plays a few roles at the company including being one of its chief product evangelists. Simon mentioned that Sixent was seeing a lot of niche usage by the market research industry as their users were looking for a way to really get an audience engaged on a topic for the purpose of research. In other words, customers were basically using Sixent as a way to replace the traditional focus group and at the same time allow for a more collaborative yet asynchronous user experience.

I guess I missed the launch date but I recently got word that Ramius had gotten so much traction in the area that they decided to focus R&D effort on developing a vertical offering based on Sixent for the market research crowd – they’re calling this newly released product Recollective.

The story of Recollective is a really great example of a company recognizing opportunity by analyzing the behavior of their own customer base and moving fast to meet their needs. From what I hear, Recollective is making a lot of noise in the industry and it’s great to hear that Ramius has managed to hit another home run :) Go Ottawa!

By Aydin Mirzaee