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eBook for Technology Entrepreneurs

Recently a group of talented individuals in Ottawa launched an ebook on Technology Entrepreneurship. It’s relevant to any technology startup that wants to be successful in their domain. It covers various topics of interest from Business Models, minimal viable products to managing employees and more.


The editors are none other that Dr. Tony Bailetti (Technology Innovation Management, Carleton University) and Brian Hurley (President and CEO, Purple Forge Corp), with a forward by Denzil Doyle (Chairman, Doyletech Corporation.

It’s available on Amazon, check it out you won’t be disappointed.



By Natasha D'Souza

SM Book Club: Cluetrain Manifesto

Kelly Rusk just posted the following info about the next Social Media Book Club:

Spring is a busy time of year! That’s why I hope you can appreciate this month’s pick–the Cluetrain Manifesto. The book has been out for quite a while (11 years!!) So my hunch is many of us have already read it. If you have not, the good news is the entire text is available online for free, so no need to go out and buy the book if you don’t want to.

You have a little over a month to read the book, and we’ll get together on Tuesday, June 16 at the Fox and Feather Pub – 283 Elgin Street at 6pm.

Here is the Meetup Info

By Scott Lake

Persuasion and Your Startup

A few months back, Guy Kawasaki recommended this book: Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. I finally worked my way down the stack of books I’d had sitting on my desk waiting to be read, thanks to a few long flights to California recently, and finally read this book.

I just love how some books put you in a certain frame of mind and leave you with actionable tasks that can drive immediate value to your web business.

This was one of those books.

The book is an easy read and briefly boils down social experiments into 50 ways to be persuasive over your community, clients, potential clients.

Ie: increase conversions

Considering the economic environment and tight start up budgets, mastering how to increase your conversions using simple, free, techniques is a no-brainer.

A definite must read.

By Luc Levesque

Social Media Book Club – (someone start one)

Lately I have been reading some great books.  The first of which is Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good by Sarah Lacy.  Rob Lane of Overlay.TV recommended it to me last week and it’s a terrific read because it provides lots of great inside information about the creations many of Web 2.0′s most interesting companies and their founders. 

Some other books of note are PR2.0 by DeirdreBreakendridge, Marketing to the Social Web by Larry Weber and Charlene Li’s new book Groundswell.

I was thinking, if anyone was interested in starting a book club in Ottawa for web, startup or social media books, I would be happy to promote it as well as participate. Let me know.

By Scott Lake