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SWIX is hiring!

Now’s your chance!

We’re a fun-sized team, young at heart, passionate, and set on blowing the doors off this new market forming around social media! We typically hire talented people either right out of school or with a couple years on the job. There are few opportunities to kickstart your career like SWIX offers. Being a smaller, new company, you really get to have an impact on the group’s success, and gain exposure to a lot of things you wouldn’t normally be allowed to touch in a larger more bureaucratic company. We’ve got a great work environment set up here in the trendy Byward Market, both because of the lifestyle the Market offers, plus the incredible people we’ve hired so far.

We currently have open:

  • 1 office admin
  • 3 developers
  • 1 inside sales

Check out our career page for the full scoop!

By Scott Lake

TravelPod wants to hire an amazing UI designer / developer

TravelPod ( A TripAdvisor/Expedia company ) is looking for a talented designer and who’s also a meticulous front-end coder  to take ownership of the front-end of our site.

TravelPod is the web’s largest travel blogging platform and information site. Beyond working directly on TravelPod itself, we are focused on the cutting edge platforms that are defining the future of travel research and sharing of experiences.

This is a great opportunity to work with a small, talented team that is pushing innovation in the online travel space. TravelPod is backed by Expedia and TripAdvisor, the world’s largest and most trusted travel media site, so you’d get the benefits of a nimble startup with the security of a corporate job.

We’re looking for people who are excited about what they do, thrive on going above and beyond expectations and enjoy getting things done, quickly. At TravelPod you’ll never get bogged down in process, speed always wins.

You will be working with a small but passionate team at TravelPod & TripAdvisor. TravelPod is a fun and exciting place to work at and we’re looking for someone to share their energy with us.

In this role you can look forward to…

  • Produce static design mockups & clickable prototypes
  • Produce production ready CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Produce consistent quality in an unstructured environment with minimal process
  • Learn how to navigate our backend code
  • All the other stuff that comes up… we all wear a lot of hatsTr

What you can bring to the team…

  • A passion for the Internet
  • Strong eye for visual design within the constraint of a commercial, metrics driven website
  • Mastery of CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Carnal knowlege of cross-browser issues
  • Crave simplicity and drool over well written copy
  • Experience with templating
  • Must be local or willing to relocate to Ottawa
  • An exceptional portfolio of past work
  • +2 points if you read seomoz regularly
  • +5 points for Flash experience
  • +10 points if on top of all that you’re also a perl guru or have other backend development experience

TravelPod is:

  • The web’s first travel blog hosting platform ( since 1997 )
  • The web’s largest travel blog platform with over 4 million visitors each month.
  • Ottawa’s biggest consumer web business:
  • Canada’s #8 largest web business:

Why work at TravelPod?

  • Work on projects that help millions of traveller’s have unforgettable trips.
  • Giant monitors for everyone.
  • Work on a PC or a Mac, your choice.
  • You’ll never get bogged down in pointless processes and paper work, speed wins at TravelPod.
  • Work with some of Ottawa best and brightest.
  • Enjoy a few Fridays off with our flexible summer work schedule.
  • Weekly beer & snacks Friday social time.
  • Giant whiteboard walls.
  • All of the great things about a startup without any of the startup risks ( we’re 100% owned by Expedia ).
  • Very competitive benefit package.
  • TravelPod is located in one of Ottawa’s most central spots, the Byward Market.
  • Open concept working environment with quiet rooms and comfy couches for think time.
  • Avoid Ottawa’s cold winters, you don’t have to go outside to get coffee at the in-building Second Cup.
  • If you like eating tasty shawarmas ( or any other type of food ) dozens of great eateries are all within walking distance.
  • Indoor bike storage.
  • Large shower rooms for an active commute to work.
  • In the summer, enjoy a breath of fresh air on our office balcony overlooking Rideau street.

Please apply online at

By Scott Lake

SWIX Remix Number 2

Steph did another amazing remix of our video – check it out.


Rock out with your metrics out – The truth remix from Steph Seguin on Vimeo.

By Scott Lake

SWIX Video Remix

This is awesome. Our friend Steph just remade our video. It gets really good about half way though.

Rock out with your metrics out – Metalcore Remix from Steph Seguin on Vimeo.

By Scott Lake

Deep inside the SWIX headquarters…

After 1 year of development here is what goes on inside the SWIX Headquarters…

Rock out with your metrics out from swixhq on Vimeo.

By Scott Lake

SWIX is hiring developers

SWIX - Social Web Index

For the past six months I’ve been working on a new software company called SWIX and like all startups it’s hard to get off the ground but once things start to happen it gets really busy fast!

So right now SWIX is looking to hire another software developer to join our team.

What is SWIX? It’s only the best thing to hit the social media space since, well, ever. See, the business world has figured out that social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) are a great way to stay engaged with their communities and get their word out but they don’t really know how to track the stuff.

But we do. We are just about to launch one of the first, if not THE first, social media analytics products aimed at helping businesses figure out this social media thing. It’s a hot product, a hot space, and well, we’re all hot too. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Someone with experience building web apps using: python, django & mysql professional or hobby, don’t care, so long as you can produce
  • Must have all the basic Web skillz: HTML/CSS/JS
  • Someone who’s eager, thinks "good enough isn’t" and wants to not only develop software, but push the envelope with what’ possible on the Web
  • Knowledge of SVN, SQL, linux/BSD are bonuses

This is a fantastic opportunity. We’ll help make you into a rock star if you’re not already. Not just a job, but the chance to really make a splash.

If you’re interested in learning more, please tell us about your background, what you have to offer and why you’d like in. Resume’s are optional – just tell me why you think you’d be a good fit and what skills you bring.

Get in contact with – craig(at)



(Cue AC/DC soundtrack)


By Scott Lake