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SMB16: Sean Moffit


On June 2 Social Media Breakfast Ottawa welcomes Sean Moffit. Sean hails from Agent Wildfire; a marketing, media and research firm that specializes in the power of word of mouth and will be bringing us Ottawa folk some insight about Wikibrands.  Fresh from conducting research and interviews on the subject for his new book, this event will surely be a great time. To take part in the discussion, drink some coffee and have an all round great start to your morning!

By Carolynn Lacasse

Tara Hunt is coming to SMB11

Tara Hunt is great and she is coming to the next Social Media Breakfast on Sept 16th in Ottawa.

She is the author of one of the best books ever written on how to build your business using social media: The Whuffie Factor.

She will also be in town on Sept 15th for a Girl Geek Dinner. If you are interested in meeting a true trailblazer in the space then sign up for one of these two events.

By Scott Lake

David Crow at the next Social Media Breakfast

David Crow is making the trip from Toronto next week to do a Social Media Breakfast. Here is the info via Simon Chen…

Who’s speaking?

We’ve got David Crow joining us for Breakfast 10! David is Microsoft Canada’s User Experience Evangelist. And, many of the startup community will know David well as being the instigator of DemoCamp and Founder & Funders.

A bit about him . . .

David is a software designer with a passion for community. At Microsoft, David helps companies understand the technology and design opportunities for creating compelling digital experiences. He focuses on helping companies to extend their customers’ reach with next generation technology for the desktop, digital devices, standards-based applications for the Web, and rich media applications.

David has been named Toronto’s Best Web and Tech Evangelist for his efforts in founding DemoCamp, BarCamp Toronto and Founder & Funders. David has worked to facilitate a vibrant community and ecosystem in Toronto. David continuously helps his clients understand that the power of community is beyond just being an audience: community is the framework.

Want to meet and learn from David Crow? Sign Up Here

The fine print . . .

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By Scott Lake