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TiEQuest 2010 – $150,000 in awards. Now we’re talking.

TiEQuest 2010

There are a lot of business plan competitions out there, but TiEQuest stands out since the first prize includes app. $50,000 in cash. Second prize is also worth app. $25,000 in cash. Besides these cash prizes, you can win a number of in-kind services from participating sponsors. Of course, the cash is nice, and the in-kind services are also great (free legal services are never a bad thing), but there are also other reasons why you would want to participate:

1) A large number of VCs and Angels in the Toronto region judge this event (excellent visibility)
2) TiEQuest assigns two experienced mentors to help you out in the process – free help :)
3) You can meet lots of other entrepreneurs in the process… the network is awesome.

Apply to TiEQuest Here

My company,, participated in TiEQuest two years ago, and we found the experience very rewarding (even though we didn’t win any cash).

* disclosure note: TiEQuest is running on our Application Management Software called ReviewRoom.

By Aydin Mirzaee

Enterprize Canada Student Business Plan Competition

Enterprize Canada

To all students out there that want a chance to win some nice Cash and Professional Services, start working on your business plan as you need to submit it by December 5th. Enterprize Canada is a student run, Canada wide business plan competition. If you want to know if you can participate, read the elgibility requirements here.


Enterprize Canada is also using our new Application Management Software (ReviewRoom) to manage their competition so you’ll get to use it if you decide to participate. If you do, forward me any feedback that you may have.

By Aydin Mirzaee