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Wordcamp Ottawa 2013

Ottawa is having their very first WordCamp. This is a great event on April 27th 2013. Check out their website for further details.


They are planning 3 tracks of presentations,

“Content Creators” with presentations that will help users that create content in WordPress sites.
“Site Creators” with content for those who are more experienced users, but not necessarily designers or developers.
“Code Creators” will include presentations for designers or developers about site set-up, theme design, plugin development, best practices for development, and more.

This is open to anyone interested in WordPress. You do have to register to ensure a spot.

By Natasha D'Souza

eBook for Technology Entrepreneurs

Recently a group of talented individuals in Ottawa launched an ebook on Technology Entrepreneurship. It’s relevant to any technology startup that wants to be successful in their domain. It covers various topics of interest from Business Models, minimal viable products to managing employees and more.


The editors are none other that Dr. Tony Bailetti (Technology Innovation Management, Carleton University) and Brian Hurley (President and CEO, Purple Forge Corp), with a forward by Denzil Doyle (Chairman, Doyletech Corporation.

It’s available on Amazon, check it out you won’t be disappointed.



By Natasha D'Souza

ThinkRF is looking for a software developer

Think RF is looking for the next rockstar software developer.

C/C++; Python, Qt application framework; Java, Linux, embedded systems architecture and statistical computing in numpy/scipy, and Matlab.

If you meet the above qualifications apply now to be part of a great team.



By Natasha D'Souza

DCentred : Showcase Event by prototypeD Urban Workshops

DCentred Showcase is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how prototypeD Urban Workshops can help businesses launch new products, build better brands, develop social and print media campaigns, and increase revenues by using design as a tool to build a better business.

The day is organized in two sessions, morning and afternoon.  The morning session will be of the most relevance to entrepreneurs.  Presentations will be made by Janak Alford, founder of prototypeD, who will will discuss how mixing technological development (rapid prototyping, data mining, visualization, and mapping) with traditional design (conceptual, artistic, product, industrial, and architectural) can result in new opportunities for businesses to develop quickly with lower overhead, smaller teams, in a modern cloud-based operating environment.  Omar Hashem founder of Picondo Homes and a client of prototypeD will then highlight how working with prototypeD accelerated his path to market, and ultimately resulted in a $1.2M development project in urban Ottawa.

The afternoon session of the DCentred Showcase is open to the public and will feature several demonstrations of the technology that is being pioneered at prototypeD and a few talks on how this technology is helping to change urban planning, artistic development, and how digital technology and social media are colliding with artistic movements. While less focused toward business, the afternoon sessions will be valuable to any entrepreneur or SME to gain a new understanding of opportunities in the competitive marketplace.

The workshop is FREE and includes lunch and coffee breaks.  Entrepreneurs are invited to come for any portion of the day, or to stay for the entire workshop however you have to register to attend.

You can download the entire day’s event schedule here:


By Natasha D'Souza

Lead To Win sessions starting Oct. 30th 2012

Are you (or someone you know) serious about establishing and growing a business?  Do you think you have the next killer idea/product/service but don’t know how to go about starting a successful, growth-oriented business?  Do you already have a business, but your growth has stagnated, and you need to figure out how to reinvigorate it?  If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then the Lead To Win (LTW) Bootcamp is for you.


The LTW Bootcamp will provide company founders with:

  • The knowledge necessary to establish and grow a successful business;
  • The confidence, encouragement and motivation to succeed;
  • The foundation to sell to first customers, raise funds and attract talent;
  • Access to a large and diverse business network;

All tech founders are welcome, as well as founders starting businesses in any sector.

The next session of Lead To Win is scheduled for October 29-30-31 and  November 27-28-29, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The 6 days of training are free, but you must apply!




By Natasha D'Souza

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 is celebrated during the week of Nov. 14th-20th 2011.


There are various events in the National Capital Region and the OCRI website has details on some of them.

Lead To Win will be celebrating their successes on Thu. Nov. 17th from 4-7pm. To follow the conversation follow the hastags #leadtowin #GEWnews on Twitter.

Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program are also hosting an event for their students and those interested in attending the program.

Are you having an event? Let us know when and where.

By Natasha D'Souza

Lead To Win for Women launches

Lead To Win is a popular boot camp for entrepreneurs starting or growing a business. They are now launching Lead To Win for Women in order to help more women entrepreneurs to succeed.


If you are a women with an idea and are serious about launching a profitable growth-oriented business in Canada’s Capital Region, or you have already founded a business and are trying to develop strategies for growth, then Lead To Win for Women (LTW) is for you.

What is Lead To Win for Women?

  • LTW is a 6 day program spread across 2 sessions
  • Each day runs from 8:00am – 4:30am
  • The program takes place at 3500 Carling Ave. (the former Nortel campus located at Moodie Drive and Carling Ave.)
  • All co-founders can attend all sessions (regardless of whether they are men or women)
  • Founders for all sectors are eligible (not just tech founders)
  • You will learn everything you need to evaluate your idea, improve it, and bring it to the market, or grow your opportunity
  • You will have access to mentors, experts, and other founders who will help you develop your opportunity

The next LTW sessions are scheduled for Oct 25-27 and Nov 22-24

Applications are now being accepted so if you or if you know any women entrepreneurs encourage them to apply.

By Natasha D'Souza

Raising Venture Capital for Technology Start-ups

Just a reminder of this event. For those startups thinking VC funding this is a good opportunity for you.

Raising capital for your technology start-up can be an exhilarating experience—or an utter disappointment.  Why do some start-ups raise capital with ease while others have a long, drawn-out experience that never seems to get to the finish line?  Once the capital is raised, then the real work begins.

Meet speakers David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Carleton alumnus Charles Chi, Greylock Partners and Executive Chairman of Refocus Imaging, California, whose 30 years of combined experience in venture capital and start-ups will provide unique insights into this challenging issue.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
9:00 – 10:00 am
Carleton University, Loeb C264

The event is FREE of charge.
To register, please e-mail: or call (613) 520-2600 x1897 by October 4, 2010.

Organized by:
Carleton University
SIFE, Carleton University
Lead to Win

By Natasha D'Souza